Are You A "Super Flasher"?Think all hot flashes are created equal? Think again.
4 Odd Things That People Believe Cause CancerStudies have been done to try an confirm or deny them, but there are plenty more rumors out there.
Miss Teen USA Eliminates Swimsuit CompetitionNow it's an "athletic wear" competition
New York PR Firm is Hiring 40- to 60-Year-Old InternsThe co-owners were inspired by 'The Intern' starring Robert DeNiro as a 70-year-old intern for a fashion company
Candace Cameron Reveals Her Healthy Eating HabitsShe tracked every bite so you can steal all her secrets.
The Top Five Secret Purchases We MakeAre you telling the truth about your purchases?
The Age Women Feel SexiestTake a guess before you look!
Perfect Shopping Day FormulaFor most people, there are a lot of factors which go into making a shopping trip perfect.
Jobs Where Women Make More Than MenA new study found that women make more money than men in only NINE of the 342 most common jobs in America.
Reasons To Always Leave Work On TimeHere are several reasons you should always leave work on time.
What Body Part Women Are Most Unhappy WithA new survey found 90% of women between 18 and 24 are unhappy with at least one body part.
10 Simple Ways To De-Stress That Cost You Absolutely NothingHere are 10 easy ways to ease your mind that don't cost a thing!

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