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Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Rated Most Effective Diets

A new Johns Hopkins study shows that Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, two dieting programs that have been around for decades, are far more effective than their newfangled foes. Over the course of a year, […]


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Is ‘The Biggest Loser’ Winner Too Thin?

Rachel Frederickson, lost 60% of her body weight during about four and a half months. At 5-foot-5 and 105 pounds, that puts her BMI at 17.5 — underweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control.’


Lisa Lampanelli Hosts Exclusive Panel Discussion as Celebrity Apprentice Contestants Reunite At CORE: Club

Lisa Lampanelli Loses 80 Pounds

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who made a splash on last season’s Celebrity Apprentice, has lost 80 pounds.


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Adele Details New Diet Routine, Hits Another Milestone

After a health scare last year, Adele decided to start a new training regime. The songstress quit smoking and reportedly wants to drop two dress sizes before summer.


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Kirstie Alley Drops 100lbs, Looking For a Man

Kirstie Alley was once a professional actress, now she’s a professional dietress. The former ‘Cheers’ star may need to find a new line of work these days because girl has lost 100 lbs!


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Top 10 Easy Summer Diet & Exercise Tips

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You spent all winter and spring working on your summer beach body, but once the weather starts to heat up, you stop your “get-hot-for-summer” attitude and replace it […]


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Paris Hilton Talks Weight Gain, Pregnancy Rumors & Unfair Hollywood

Paris Hilton has been called a lot of things, but ‘heifer’ is certainly not one of them. After the heiress recently packed on twenty (well needed, in my humble opinion) pounds, rumors started to circulate […]


Live On Letterman: Jennifer Hudson’s Top 10 Weight Loss Quotes

Many women in America have struggled with their weight, but rarely does their weight become the topic of national conversation. 29-year-old Jennifer Hudson’s weight has fluctuated under the critical eye of the camera from baby […]


Ten Of The Craziest Fad Diets (That You Should Probably Never Try)

Everywhere around you people are probably talking about “getting in shape for the summer,” their “diet plans,” and how they’d finally like to “look good in a bikini.” While striving for health is fashionable all […]


If You Want to Lose the Weight ONCE AND FOR ALL…You Must Read This:

I have been doing the program at Balanced Care Life Enhancement for a few weeks now, and it is different from anything I’ve ever done.  And I’ve been on every diet you can think of…losing the same 20 […]