VIDEO: Phillip Phillips' Wedding Video"We are fun. We have our own little language that we talk to one another [in] and it's weird!"
PHOTO: Guests Are No-Show At A Wedding & Gets Billed From Bride and GroomWhen not showing up to a wedding could literally cost you.
14 Ways to Incorporate "Something Old" Into Your WeddingWhat do you see as some pros and cons of following wedding traditions?
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16 Truths Your Wedding Planner Will Never Tell YouHow involved were you in planning your wedding?
5 Awful Wedding DIY Ideas From PinterestWhat are some ridiculous wedding DIY ideas you've seen?
Would You Keep Your Maiden Name?Maiden Names, are on the Rise Again!
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VIDEO: Dad & Newlywed Daughter Ditch Dance to Play Catch at ReceptionDad stops father-daughter wedding dance for a game of catch!
Mr. Burger to Marry Ms. King in Most Fast Food-Friendly Wedding EverDo you Mr. Burger take Ms. King to be your lawfully wedded wife?
John Legend Officiates a Dog Wedding for CharityWell this is just dog gone adorable!
Top Spots For Bridesmaids Dresses In St. LouisSt. Louis has a great selection of stores for brides and wedding parties to shop to make each occasion the most memorable day in your lives.
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