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Viral Video: Shirtless Rob Lowe Lip-Syncs The Sound of Music

Ever wonder what Rob Lowe does on the weekends? Watch the video and you’ll see.


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Viral Video: Dog Steals Hose and Sprays Owner

Watch this Black Lab steal his owner’s hose and chase him down!


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Little Kid Gets Dunked By Some Karma

Technical on Tarzan!! #Ouch!


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Calgary Man Faces Charges for Up-Inspired Balloon Stunt

A 26-year-old in Calgary is facing charges of mischief causing danger to life after going airborne on Sunday just like that old guy did in the movie “Up”!


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Viral Video: “Shake It Off” Graduation Flash Mob

The only thing this class of 2015 was ready to do at the end of the year was to shake it off!


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VIDEO: Dad & Newlywed Daughter Ditch Dance to Play Catch at Reception

Dad stops father-daughter wedding dance for a game of catch!


HAMBURG, GERMANY - MAY 03:  Magnetic false teeth are seen during a trade fair at the ?Seniorentag 2012? senior citizens convention on May 3, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany. The three-day long convention caters specifically to the needs of elderly people, who in Germany, as in the rest of Europe, are becoming an increasingly higher portion of the overall population. Europe as a whole, through its low birth rates and improving health care, is undergoing a demographic shift that has far-reaching consequences for labor markets, public policy planning and government budgets.  (Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Aunt Lou Lou Loses Her Dentures

Watch as Aunt Lou Lou turned 102 and tried blowing out her birthday candles, but instead loss her dentures!


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Viral Video: Guys Mime Through Time

Watch as a group of guys travel through different eras of music!


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Viral Video: Kid Imitates Bruce Lee

A five-year-old does Bruce Lee’s nun chucks scene from “Game of Death”.


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(VIDEO) Paralyzed Girl Surprises Favorite Nurse by Walking! (It’s a tear jerker!!)

Watch this nurses reaction as her patient surprises her by walking