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Viral Video: The Ancient Art of Feline Massage

Ah the soothing and therapeutic art of feline massage.


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This Little Girl Doesn’t Want Her Little Brother To Grow Up

This Little Girl Doesn’t Want Her Little Brother To Grow Up


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Viral Video: Golden Retriever Smiles When He Hears Music

This video is churning through the internet. It shows that dogs know more than we think they know. They feel more than we think they feel. They enjoy more than we think they enjoy. This […]


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Viral Video: Motorcyclist Hit By Car, Flips, Lands On His Feet

First of all, this guy is ok and lucky to be alive. An incredible video captured by a red light video camera in Clearwater, Fla., shows the moment a motorcyclist is hit by a car. […]


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3 Men in Heels Make Beyoncé Proud in New Viral Dance Video

Any woman who has strapped on her stilettos and tried to copy Beyoncé’s moves knows it’s no easy feat. That’s what makes this new video of three men in some very high, very spiky heels even more impressive.


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Celine Dion Responds To Man’s Viral Video For ‘All By Myself’ Shot In a Las Vegas Airport

The singer even has a few words of advice on how the man could have spent his alone time.


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(VIDEO): Crocodile Attacks Video Camera, Cameraman Takes Extended Leave Of Absence

This is why you NEVER swim with the Crocs

102.5 KEZK–03/26/2014

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What The Cards Have?

The Cardinals released a parody of Ylvis’ ‘What Does The Fox Say’ called ‘What The Cards Have’ and it’s pretty catchy. Watch it now!


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Viral Video: Coffee Shop Prank Freaks Out Customers

A few actors invaded a coffee shop in Manhattan and freaked people out with their telekinesis coffee.


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What If The “Movie Trailer Guy” Narrated Your Life?

What if YOUR life was being narrated

102.5 KEZK–09/04/2013