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Viral Video: Man Vs. TubaWatch this enthusiastic reporter stuff his mic in front of a horn player and loses all the audio!
Little Girl Catches Huge Bass on Barbie Fishing PoleThis little girl's reaction is priceless!
VIDEO: Girls Doing Nothing in ActivewearNote to people who do this: Go to the gym!
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Viral Video: A Surprise That's Not An Apple Watch But A Positive Pregnancy Test"I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together," says his wife as she hands him the Apple Watch box.
VIRAL VIDEO: The Saddest Bookworm Ever!"He knows no greater sadness than the end of a book."
VIDEO: Man Does News Interview While Holding Delicious Rack Of RibsHe was "just cooking some ribs" at 3am when a neighbor's apartment building caught fire.
Woman Turns High-Speed Police Chase Into Episode Of 'Club MTV'She is believed to have been "under the influence". REALLY?
VIRAL VIDEO: Boy Trips In Museum, Catches Fall With $1.5 Million PaintingArt gallery says it won't hold the boy responsible. His MOM'S reaction at home might be a different story.
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