Vic & Trish

Random Acts of Kindness with Vic & Trish (Credit: CBS Radio)

VIDEO: Random Acts Of Kindness With Vic & Trish – Free Gas!

This holiday season, Vic & Trish are spreading Christmas cheer with Random Acts of Kindness. They stopped by the QuikTrip in Kirkwood to surprise drivers with a free tank of gas.



Random Act of Kindness with Vic & Trish

Fresh 102.5’s Vic and Trish in the Morning are on a mission to share the Christmas Spirit with fellow St. Lousians through simple Random Acts of Kindness.


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Vic & Trish #Middlebrooksing

After Game 3 of the World Series here in St. Louis, there’s a new internet photo fad that has gone viral…Middlebrooksing. Vic and Trish demonstrate.



Vic & Trish’s Party Pizza Debate

Trish swears that “little party pizzas” made on rye bread are a St. Louis staple, but Vic…had never had them.


Fresh 102.5 Goes 'Totally '80s!"

PHOTOS: Fresh 102.5 Goes “Totally ’80s!”

Do you recognize these faces? Take a look at Vic, Trish, Steph & Greg from the ’80s!


Random Acts of Kindness brought to you by Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

PHOTOS: Random Acts of Kindness with Vic& Trish

As part of Fresh 102.5′s Random Acts of Kindness campaign, Vic & Trish treated Kayak Coffee customers to free Kaldi’s Coffee this morning.



Vic & Trish On FOX 2 with Randi Naughton

Vic & Trish stopped by the studios of FOX 2 to talk to Randi Naughton after their first shift morning shift together on Fresh.