TV Commercials

(Credit: Think Stock)

What commercials do you remember from the 80’s??? Reminisce with me………

Where’s the Beef? The Clapper….etc….


Old Spice Commercial – Grover Style

Well it had to happen – a “Sesame Street” parody of the outrageously good Old Spice commercials, starring none other than the world famous Grover.  And in true “Sesame Street” style it turns into a […]


Our Last 2010 Emmy Nominated Commercial.

Its from Nike – another in their “Just Do It” campaign of spots.  Notable for its design and movement, but also you don’t see the logo of the company until the very end of the […]


Another 2010 Emmy Nominated Commercial

This was Audi’s entry into the commercial market at the Super Bowl.  Its pretty over the top, but the cool thing is they only mention the product in the last one-third of the commercial – […]


Another 2010 Emmy Nominated Commercial

Its the commercial that catapaulted Betty White back into our lives during the Super Bowl this year.  Generally acknowledged as the funniest of the other Snicker’s commercials it also spawned the #1 comment from viewers.  That comment was:  “I […]


Another Emmy Nominated Commercial

Of all the six (6) commercials that are up for Emmy’s in 2010, this is arguably the most clever.  Its not knock-out funny but the concept is great and it has happened to all of […]


The Year’s Best TV Commercials

Here, in no particular order, are the commercials the AICP judged to be the best of the year.  AICP is an organization that represents, exclusively, the interests of United States companies that specialize in producing […]