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Phillip Seymour Hoffman portrayed Truman Capote in 'Capote'- Best Actor 2005

Philip Seymor Hoffman – More Details on His Passing at age 46

Addiction is an awful, terrible prison that ironically, you lock yourself in.

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I Just Had 8 Inches of Ombre Hair Chopped Off…& It Felt GOOOOD!!

Around the end of November, I got the itch to do something wild with my hair.

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The Sochi Olympics Are Making Captured Orcas Perform (You Can Guess People’s Reaction)

I’ll just attach the whole article, so you can read for yourself, but the jist is that the Sochi Olympics are going to use 2 of the 7 Orcas that were captured…..taken out of the ocean…last summer.

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Shamu May Not Be So Much Fun After You Read This….

You have to see this documentary about Orcas called “Blackfish”. You just do.

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Weather Channel is Just Making Up These Storm Names! Weird!!

Naming of Winter Storms is NOT an act of the National Weather Service. It’s a Marketing thing for the Weather Channel.

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Hombres…..I’ve Gone Ombre!

Your hair, your hair, your hair…… you spend so much time on it. Playing with it. Washing it. Coloring it. Putting product in it to get it to curl….or to get the curl OUT. Cutting it. Growing it out.

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Best Fan Theories for TV & Movies for 2013

I’ve always loved the ‘theories’ behind movies’ ‘real’ meanings… Remember when “The Matrix” came out and the going theory was that Neo was Jesus Christ, along with accompanying proof? Loved that!

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Take A Deep Breath…We’re Going In!!!

i was just sent the OFFICIAL site that has ALL the ads, fliers, weekly ads….everything for every store you can imagine!

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Like Looking at Random Homes For Sale Online? You Won’t After Looking At This One

Home for me is NOT going to be THIS place. Nope. Whoa NELLY….. You HAVE to enjoy this along with me…. How much would someone have to pay you before you’d move in??? And I mean move in and NOT change anything??

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Helping the Victims, And There Are A LOT Of Them, Of Typhoon Haiyan…

But somehow, with a TON of help from other countries…and especially the Red Cross, we are ALL jumping in to help. It’s the best face of humanity….helping each other.

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