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Join Steph Duran At Papa Murphy’s For Pizza Deals & Big Giveaways!

Join Steph Duran tonight at Papa Murphy’s in Swansea, Illinois at the Schnucks Plaza.


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Life Just Won’t Be The Same, Now That Alice…From ‘The Brady Bunch’ is gone.

So, here is some of the BEST of THE BEST of the (sometimes slightly OFF)Wisdom of Alice from ‘The Brady Brunch’–!!

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kiddos Eating Fast Food…Thanks To Divorce?

Your world is not going to end if you let them have french fries, pizza….or if, heaven forbid, they have a soda once in a while. I think Gwyneth Paltrow may be learning this the hard way. The REALLY hard way.

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65th Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals

This Is A Genius Idea! Neil Patrick Harris’ Autobiography Is A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book!

Neil Patrick Harris is the first of the cast of ‘HIMYM’ to come out of the gate with not one, but TWO projects.

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2013 Santa Baby Finalist Maxxum

Well, Here ‘Tis Again! It’s Baby Time!

Baby names! They always go through trends…at first, the trend was to follow whatever Royal family ran your country. Name your children after the King, the Queen and the little Princes and Princesses!

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Maroon 5’s Adam Levine Continues His Fashion-Man-Boy Evolution!

Continuing the evolution and revolution of creativity….Adam Levine is now….a BLONDE. And I do not mean blonde streaks, nor, God help us, frosted tips…no-no…this is in your face, Full Tilt Boogie Platinum Blonde!

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Cardinals Nation Deck Gets Sponsorship

An Interactive Map Of Baseball Nation–Ooooh, It’s A Shiny Toy!!!

An interactive map of the United States and which areas root for which MLB teams.

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More Adorable or Hilarious? Kiddos Losing The Battle Against Sleep

Kiddos Losing The Battle Against Sleep

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Conspiracy Theory About The Malaysian Airliner..That Makes Total SENSE

A conspiracy theory about Malaysian Air Flight 370’s disappearance…..that makes a lot of SENSE.

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It’s Palindrome Week! Did You Know? Wow!

I didn’t even catch this until today…..all of this week…from Monday through until Friday…every day, that is, every date, is a palindrome!

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