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Six Work-Related Dreams and What They Mean

Here are six common dreams people have about their jobs, and what they usually mean, according to experts.


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Find Out Jenifer Aniston’s Beauty Routine

Want the inside scoop on how Jenifer Aniston is staying gorgeous even though she’s pushing 50? Read more here!


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12 Ways to Fall Asleep When You Can’t Stop Tossing & Turning

What is your go-to method for falling asleep?


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Things Only People Addicted to Napping Understand

Thought Catalog has compiled a list of 19 things that only people who are obsessed with napping will understand. Here are the top ten… 1. In the same way that some people start planning dinner […]


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Could Insomnia & Depression Be Linked to Bad Dreams?

How often do you vividly remember the dream you just had?


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fun. On Drinking (Ir)Responsibly And Getting Bad Advice

After a true drunken night out, the guys revealed who holds their hair back. “You went to college, you must have gotten so drunk that you did something,” guitarist Jack Antonoff joked.



How to get the Kids Back in Bed for the School Year

We have some important tips to help parents transition their families from a summer sleep (or lack thereof) schedule to a school sleep schedule. Your kids are thwarted at every turn by electronics, social media, less-than-ideal […]


Is This How You Feel at Work Today?

I am overcome by the cuteness!


So Very Tired!

I saw this picture on Cute Overload and had to pass it along! Is this how you felt when the alarm went off this morning?   :)