Viral Video: Puppy Fakes Her Own Death

This puppy loves to play and apparently is a good actor.  Watch the puppy give an Oscar worthy performance faking her own death!



Doggie vs. Duckie!

I think the puppy is probably thinking: “Why is this tennis ball CHASING ME?!” So cute!


Need Help With Your Basketball Picks? Just Ask this Puppy!

This is a super-cute idea! I think I agree with most of his picks, actually!  :)


The Great Christmas Tree Massacre

The evil being pictured here is conserving all his energy today for the great battle that will ensue tonight. Tonight has been designated as “Christmas Tree Night.” This evil doer has been known to eat EVERYTHING […]


What Was the Best Halloween Costume?

We had LOTS of trick-or-treaters at our house! Lots of really cool costumes. My favorites were the iPod costume, and a 12-year-old girl who dressed as Snooki. This picture is of my son. He was the […]


The video you would never show Shari Lewis!

Guess Pearl isn’t the only beast having fun at our house!


A Doggie Mystery…I Need Your Help!

This is our puppy, Doc. What in the world is he? We know that Mom was a miniature dachshund. No clue what his Dad was. Look at the next picture…


Something Horrible Happened to My Favorite Sweater!

I only got to wear my new favorite sweater ONCE before it was ruined. Read on to find out what happened…


We Have a Serious Mealtime Problem…and His Name is “Doc”.

    To see a picture of the food thief and general meal-time disruptor, click here…