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What We Still Ask Our Parents To Do

A new survey found about HALF of people between 25 and 40 say they still regularly rely on their parents to tell them how to do basic stuff around the house.


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17 Insane Things That Sleep-Deprived Parents Do

Whether it’s your first baby or fourth, the deprivation is real.


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19 Traits of a No-Guilt Mom

Are you a no-guilt mom?


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Rob Lowe Admits He’s “Obsessed” With Dadbods

Have you heard about the “dadbod”?


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40-Hour Workweeks Are a Thing of the Past, Study Finds

Are you working for the weekend?


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10 Signs You Come From a Huge Family

How many kids is too many kids?


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Kraft Mac & Cheese to Ditch Artificial Coloring

Kraft will no longer be using synthetic colors starting January 2016!


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Man Says Stay-at-Home Wife Should Earn $73,960 a Year

Do you think society still discredits stay-at-home mothers? Let us know in the comments below!


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The Muppet Show May Return to ABC After 19 Years

ABC has ordered a pilot presentation in anticipation of a possible reboot of The Muppet Show.