PHOTO: Adam Levine Pops His Belly for Selfie with Pregnant WifeAdam Levine is already working on his dad bod!
Viral Video: Adults Fight at Youth Baseball GameRemember parents... it is just a game!
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Welcome a Baby GirlFind out the adorable name here!
Zootopia-Crazed Kids Beg Parents to Buy Foxes as PetsKids are obsessed with the character Nick Wilde or better known as the fennec fox.
PEZ Cancels Easter Egg Hunt After Parents Shove & MisbehavePEZ visitor center told NBC News, "I take this personally. I don't want this to be a reflection of the brand. It was a fun thing up until this point."
Kids Worry More Than Their Parents About Social-Media HabitsYou know that Facebook friend who's constantly posting photos of her kid? Well, her son or daughter probably dislikes her oversharing habit as much as you do.
Beyonce Gives Surprise Performance at Daughters School GalaBeyonce proved to be P.T.A. mom of the year over the weekend!
What Do Couples With Kids Argue About Most?Are you and your life partner normal when it comes to what you fight about? Here are the 10 subjects that couples with kids bicker about most often.
Viral Video: Poor Kid! Dad Throws Giant SnowballAs the clip shows, the snowball was about the same size as the child!
Viral Video: Supermom Gets Kids Ready for BedHow many moms have been in this same situation?
New Parenting StatsBuzzfeed recently polled more than 200,000 readers, and had them answer hot-button questions about parenting. Here are the top eight results . . .
Viral Video: Cell Phone FreakoutThis video from America’s Funniest Home Videos shows a pair of siblings falling apart after their older sister Leah receives an iPhone and they don’t.

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