Cupcakes and Christmas Cookies: Diet FAIL!

We all know how difficult is is to watch your diet during the holidays. I did really great through Thanksgiving and I was on track to make it through the “food-fest” of Christmas pretty much unscathed. But […]


Holiday Food Fest and Weight Loss Update…Yikes!!

Yesterday was the big “Food Fest” here at the KEZK studios. And it was my “weigh-in” day at Balanced Care Life Enhancement. That could be a dangerous combination!! Read on for this week’s results!


The Battle of the Bulge: Dana’s Weigh-In Day

  At age 42, I am sick of losing the same 20 pounds over and over again. My goal is to get rid of the 20 pounds ONCE AND FOR ALL. No yo-yo dieting.   I have been […]