Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner Waltzes Onto “Dancing With The Stars”

  Hometown favorite KURT WARNER debuted last night on “Dancing With The Stars”.  How did the former Ram MVP and Super Bowl Champ do?  Ed and Maryann talked about it and how good Kurt looked.  If […]


“Dancing With The Stars” Corky Ballas

With the premiere of these season’s DWTS kicking up, in and on tonight on ABC, Corky Ballas (father of DWTS’ Mark and “adoptive” father of Julianne and Mark Hough) talked about the new season, Jennifer Grey, […]


Who Didn’t Make It Onto “DWTS”

Here’s a little scoopage from Ed and Maryann about who DIDN’T make it on Dancing With The Stars for Season 11 and who’s really in a snit about it.  Also they talk about how much […]


The Answer: Kurt and Brenda Warner

Stel talked with the Warner’s about their new book, “First Things First”, life in the NFL, and raising a family of seven children, including one with special needs.