Thanksgiving Crafts For KidsLet the kids have fun this Thanksgiving and try out these crafty ideas!
Trish's Trash: Kimmel's "I ate your Halloween candy" 2015Love this!
Early Christmas Parade for a 7-year-old with Cancer. You will need a tissue.
Parents Share Their Worst Trick-Or-Treating StoriesWhat has been the worst Halloween you've experienced as a parent?
Find Out Why A School Is Banning The Game of "Tag" During RecessDo you think this school is going to far? Join the conversation and let us know!
Words Of Wisdom From Our GrandparentsIn honor of Sunday's National Grandparents' Day, the most common words of wisdom we get form our grandparents include...
The Tooth Fairy is on a budget!!! Per-Tooth payout has dropped!Tooth Fairy on a budget
How Much Homework Should Kids Have?Researchers say 1st Graders have 3x the amount of homework recommended by experts .
How Much Are Kids' Average Allowances?How much are American kids earning in allowance money these days?
14 Things You Will Say to Your Kids a Million TimesCan you think of some other things you say to your kids all the time? Let us know in the comments below!
Trish's Trash: Adorable Dad Takes Son to See Minions & Goes ViralDad dresses up with son to see Minions
Need a smile? Watch this little girl "channel" Aretha!Little girl gives Aretha like no one else!
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