Adorable 6 year-old Charms Fans at Spelling BeeHe is just the cutest ever!
VIDEO: Little Girl Fails at Hula Hoop but Looks Adorable!I couldn't do it any better. #truestory
Julia Roberts Says Taylor Swift Is "#1 in Our House"She revealed on today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her three kids are all huge fans of the pop star.
12-Year-Old Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon Instead of 5KIt turns out Rodriguez inadvertently started with the half-marathoners; the 5K was scheduled to commence 15 minutes later.
Trish's Trash: Celebs are normal people too!You're still annoyed by your mom even when she's Britney Spears!
Viral Video: Kid Blames Mirror Drawing on BatmanThis little guy is pretty convincing.
Zootopia-Crazed Kids Beg Parents to Buy Foxes as PetsKids are obsessed with the character Nick Wilde or better known as the fennec fox.
Teacher Arrested for Knocking Down ChildI can't even believe what I'm seeing.
Viral Video: The Future King of Salsa?He looks like he is having a blast to say the least!
Kids Worry More Than Their Parents About Social-Media HabitsYou know that Facebook friend who's constantly posting photos of her kid? Well, her son or daughter probably dislikes her oversharing habit as much as you do.
2-Year-Old Calls 911 for Cute EmergencyHere is your feel-good friday story of the day!
Trish's Trash: Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Spacey & House of Cards written by kidsJimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey act out scenes written by kids

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