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Kids Telling Jokes, It’s What Halloween is All About in St. Louis

Today is Halloween! You have your cute little things all dressed as their favorite movie/television/cartoon characters and they are ready to go out for their annual candy haul. But wait! Did you reload their repertoire […]


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What Happened To The Guy Who Didn’t Pay His Exorcist??

St. Louis is unique in a lot of ways. Our kids telling jokes on Halloween is ALLLLLMOST one of them. Seems parts of Des Moines, Iowa does it, too. But only in parts. In St. Louis, it is so ubiquitous that NPR has actually done an entire special on it!

102.5 KEZK–10/31/2013

The Rabid Nerd. He may look like a friendly member of the Geek Squad, but he's there to steal all those delightful digital gadgets from you.  "Buy the iPhone 3, it's cheaper," he says as he walks out the door with five iPhone 4S's at 50% off.

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