KEZK Listeners: Our contest line has changed! Missouri - (314) 531-1025 | Illinois - (618) 259-1025
VIRAL VIDEO: Another Spectacularly Awkward 'Jeopardy' FailTo make matters worse, he also forgot to phrase it as a question.
Alex Trebek Calls Out Contestant for Her Taste in MusicWhy is Alex Trebek trending today?? LOL for blasting a contestant for her music.
VIRAL VIDEOS: A 'Visibly Annoyed" Alex Trebek And Little Girl Who Thinks Snow Is Hilarious!There's nothing funnier than a visibly annoyed Alex Trebek
Daily Wrap: Does The NFL Already Have Artist In Mind For Next Year's Superbowl Halftime Show?Oops, they wouldn't do it Again...would they?
I'll Take 'Business Attire From Sweatshops' For $400, Alex...Think about the player introductions at the start of the 'Jeopardy.' You know how they are ALWAYS at least a tiny bit awkward? THIS one!
Happy Birthday Eric Clapton
What is, Hey Come Back Here?

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