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7 Things Your Salon & Stylist Wishes You Knew

What is the most annoying behavior you’ve witnessed from a customer at a salon?


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Daughters Get Their Mom’s ‘80s Hairstyle

Check out this video as a group of daughters transform into their mother’s by getting their 80’s hairdos!


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12 Days of Trish-Mas: Hair Tip from Salon Antebellum (nani nani boo boo)

I’ve been teasing my hair wrong all of these years!


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I Just Had 8 Inches of Ombre Hair Chopped Off…& It Felt GOOOOD!!

Around the end of November, I got the itch to do something wild with my hair.

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Hombres…..I’ve Gone Ombre!

Your hair, your hair, your hair…… you spend so much time on it. Playing with it. Washing it. Coloring it. Putting product in it to get it to curl….or to get the curl OUT. Cutting it. Growing it out.

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At-Home Beauty Treatments…DIY Disaster?

Just remember, it’s a lot like wood-working…measure twice, cut once and KEEP YOUR EYE on what you’re doing!!

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Vic has CRAZY hair today!!!

Vic’s CRAZY hair


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Just What Do You Mean, It Wasn’t REAL, Miss Miley??

It was about 350 hair extensions….. That had to hurt like a son of a b…..ig dog.

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Fresh Flashback Poll: Should 80’s Hair Make A Comeback?

The 80s were a decade notorious for featuring distinctive and sometimes wild hairstyles. From the teased look and short punky spikes, to Jheri curls and mullets…we’re wondering if anyone really misses those crazy 80’s hair-dos […]


Lady Gaga - The Paul O'Grady Show via YouTube

Lady Gaga Goes Bald On British TV

When it comes to Lady Gaga, it’s not usually the woman’s hair that people focus on. In an effort to share the limelight with her cranium, Ms. Gaga wrote a whole song just about her […]