Video: Bear Mascot Can't Get It Together In Local CommercialDon't worry the bear finally gets it on about the 100th take!
Dad Turns Son Into a "Real" Elf on the Shelf!Now this guy is winning Dad of the Year for sure!
Viral Video: 8 Siblings Christmas Dance
Silly Reasons People Had to Take Pet to Vet“I got a new guinea pig called Oscar. My other one, Kenny, was so excited to have a new friend that he sprained his foot from jumping around.” hahaha
Bad Lip Reading Turns Star Wars Into a MusicalIt's Yoda as you've never seen him before, performing 'Seagulls: Stop It Now.'
Viral Video: All Short Moms Can Relate To ThisIt’s an issue short women might not think about till they’re out crib shopping and realize that they can’t get their arms over the sides of any of the cribs in the store.
Thanksgiving Revenge: Turkeys Are Terrorizing ResidentsPerhaps the birds are giving people a taste of what they endure on Thanksgiving.
Facebook Just Changed the Game With The 'Big Font Status'We found a new hack to posting on Facebook.
Video: Hilary Clinton & Ken Bone Dance OffWell Ken Bone clearly won the debate and the dance off!
Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy How to Milk a CowIt's time for Jimmy to learn a few things from Blake!
Will Arnett to Produce 'The Gong Show' RevivalIt really is the golden age of revivals!
Dad, Baby Bring Back Commercial Classic 'Wazzup'This dad and son should get their own commercial too.

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