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VIDEO: Man’s “Single Ladies” Routine Is Perfection

Do you think you could keep up with this water aerobics instructor?


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Viral Video: Annoying 7 Hour Roadtrip

We all have that one friend that can annoy you the entire road trip!


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GREG: Lambert’s Restaurant “Throwed Roll” Lawsuit Provokes Strong Opinions

“It makes me WANT to go there and get hit by a roll!”

102.5 KEZK–08/14/2015

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John Legend Officiates a Dog Wedding for Charity

Well this is just dog gone adorable!


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See What Happens When You Tell Your Kids You Ate Their Halloween Candy

I don’t want to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live THAT bad.

102.5 KEZK–11/05/2013

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“Customer Service” Takes On Hilarious New Meaning

Angry customer gets what’s coming to him.

102.5 KEZK–09/12/2013

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The Worst (and funniest) Music Video of All-Time

Worst music video of all-time?


St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Seven

Young Cardinal Fan Wants His Mommy And Daddy

Believe me, as the Father of a six-year-old Cardinal fan, I know what his parents are dealing with here.


Baby boy George Doikas, born on on Octob

Reporter Reduces Child To Tears–And Still We Laugh

Reporter makes child cry—hilarity ensues.


Ahhh…another funny video!

When the stress of life becomes overwhelming…take less than a minute out of your day to watch something like this: Some dogs are just instinctual “guard dogs”…