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Porcelli’s Pets: Navid

There are friendly dogs, and there’s Navid!


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43 1/2 Socks Removed From Great Dane’s Stomach

Dogs will eat anything!


Photo of dog, (NOT Dukey) by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American

TISSUE WARNING: “Dukey’s” Final Day. A Dog Owner Says Goodbye

Dog’s Final day captured in stunning series of photos

Fresh 102.5–07/13/2014

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Viral Video: Golden Retriever Smiles When He Hears Music

This video is churning through the internet. It shows that dogs know more than we think they know. They feel more than we think they feel. They enjoy more than we think they enjoy. This […]


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Porcelli’s Pets: Chevy Chase

Porcelli’s Pets: Chevy Chase


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It’s Just A Dog Rolling Down A Hill, But You’ll Love It

Sophie just loves to roll down the hill



I Think With All The Serious/Scary Goings On…Maybe We Can Take 5 Minutes For A Laugh, Yes?

We love our pets….we love their personalities…their noises…the trouble they get into….the faces they make.

Fresh 102.5–10/03/2013

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A Website For Dog AND Film Lovers (And the occasional crybaby)

Website warns you of dog’s demise

Fresh 102.5–09/16/2013

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A Soldier and Dog Reunion That Will Make Your Day

This Dog is so happy to see him!!!



Black Labs: The Boys. Aren’t They SUCH the Good Boys?

First of all… Thank you guys SO much for all the very kind messages while I was out with a ‘Surprise!! You Get To Have Knee Surgery!!’, and let me tell ya…I’ve had better surprises.