The Dog That Will Eat ANYTHING

He looks so cute and non-threatening, right? But looks are deceiving. This little sweetheart can and will eat ANYTHING he can get his teeth on. Read on for the list of assorted items he attempted […]


Backstage W/ Ed, Maryann & Dana At APDA’S Luncheon

The annual American Parkinson’s Disease fundraising luncheon was held Monday at the Sheration Westport Chalet to raise money and awareness in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease.  Maryann brought her Flip camera and shot a little […]


What’s the Best Burger in St. Louis?

Five Guys was recently voted the Best Burger in the United States. That’s definitely a yummy choice…but we need to come up with our favorites in St. Louis!


Another Judge Leaves American Idol!

After only a year, Ellen DeGeneres is leaving American Idol. Rumors are swirling…did she quit on her own accord, or was she forced out? Read on to see her official statement…


Do You Have a Favorite Restaurant in Chicago?

We are leaving for Chicago this weekend for a few vacation days. Of course, my main thought  is “Where are we going to eat?!” Please read on and give me some tips…


Hungry Cat NEEDS the Cake!

I know exactly how the cat feels. MMMMMMMmmmmmm…birthday cake! Bring it ON!


Weird Things Humans Do for Entertainment

Have you “Zorbed”? My son did it for the first time over the weekend. I don’t recommend it right after a meal!  The downhill action starts at 3:00 into the video.  :)


What TV Show Got the Most Emmy Nominations?

Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family” and Joel McHale from “Community” announced the 2010 Emmy Nominations on the morning of July 8th. What show got the most nominations? Read on to find out who topped the […]


The William Tell Overture: Mom Style

Because I said so, that’s why!  :)