Dana Daniels


Shopping Alert!! My New Outfit, and a Gift Card for You!

Burlington Coat Factory has opened a brand new store in Kirkwood, at Kirkwood Crossing on Lindbergh at 44. I checked it out last night and had so much fun!!



John, Dana and Vic: Now and Then…

Ever wondered what John Carney, Dana Daniels and Vic Porcelli looked like back in the 80s?? Well look no further….


If You Want to Lose the Weight ONCE AND FOR ALL…You Must Read This:

I have been doing the program at Balanced Care Life Enhancement for a few weeks now, and it is different from anything I’ve ever done.  And I’ve been on every diet you can think of…losing the same 20 […]


Dad Life! This is Awesome!

My favorite line is “Ornamental Turtle!!!”  :)


At What Age Should a Child Get a Cell Phone?

OK, I think we would all agree that this little cutie is too young to have his own cell phone! Last night at my middle-school orientation meeting, the discussion turned to cell phone usage. My son […]


Must See! ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ Done By Teachers!!

These teachers have had it with bad student behavior; and they found a unique way to get their point across! They take on all the obnoxious things they deal with every day: cell phone usage, […]


Wigs for Cats? Really?!?

“This haircolor really brings out my eyes.” We have reached a new level of crazy! Kitty Wigs! And my husband complains that I dress our dog in a sweater when it’s cold. There’s even a […]


Would You Drive This Bizarre Contraption?

GM unveils their future City Car: If you ask me, it looks like a car that Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons would drive!! Read the story from AutoWeek:


Katy Perry is going to be a Smurf?!?

Is this really happening? A Smurf movie? Does anybody really want to see this? The cast is actually pretty cool…


Ewww! Does It Turn Your Lips Orange?

WHY would anyone want this? Mmmm…spongy orange goo on my lips and fingertips!! Personally, I don’t want anything on my face to be “Dangerously Cheesy”.