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7 Celebrities Who Married Their Mistresses

Here are the famous pairs who might want to remember that how you get ’em is usually how you lose ’em!


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The Best Time to Have a Serious Talk With Your Husband

It’s amazing how much power you have over a man just by giving him food.


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15 Things That Happen When You Fall for a Neat Freak

Are you falling for a neat freak? Find out below!


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10 Romantic Things Girls (Actually) Want to Hear

What do you want to hear when your in a romantic relationship?



5 Gift Ideas That Are Better Than Flowers

Get creative this Valentine’s Day and pick out a perfect, unique gift.


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Create Your Own Girlfriend Or Boyfriend-Yes Really!

This is taking the notion of an imaginary friend to a whole ‘nother level!


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5 Things We’d Like To Read About Katy Perry In Russell Brand’s Next Book

Everyone who has read Russell Brand’s My Booky Wook autobiographies knows that he holds nothing back: addiction, love, mishaps, public embarrassment, jokes — they’re all there in painstaking detail.



Valentine’s Reads: When Love Needs Help

Finding a Valentine isn’t always easy. Keeping one can be even harder. For those who are alone, or those who just feel alone, this Valentine’s Day we’ve pulled together some of the best books to help!


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The 10 “Pet Names” Couples Use That Women Hate The Most

Women, in general, don’t like the “pet name” their husbands are using.


Honey, Take Out The Trash. No Wait!

How many times have the tense moments with you and your honey started over a chat about the domestic duties to be done in the house?