Ben Stiller

Trish's Trash: Adam's new tattoo, Zoolander 2 and Tina & Amy back on #SNLNeNe Leakes calls The View "mean girls"
VIDEO: The First Preview Of Ben Stiller's 'Zoolander 2' Hit Over The Weekend"If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?" -Derek Zoolander
Trish's Trash: Bieber in Zoolander 2, Friends reunion, Teresa GiudiceCourtney Cox blames a cast member for holding up a reunion!
Remember "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?" It's Back! It all started with a short story by James Thurber in 1939. Then Danny Kaye starred in a film adaptation of the story in 1942. Now "The Secret World of Walter Mitty" is back!
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