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Gokul From Chesterfield Is In The 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee Semi-Finals

Gokul is going for the championship this year!

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7 Celebrities Who Married Their Mistresses

Here are the famous pairs who might want to remember that how you get ’em is usually how you lose ’em!


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Magician Confuses Dogs By Making Their Treats Disappear

Hey! Where did my treat go?


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David Letterman’s Star Studded Final Top Ten

Top Ten Things I”ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave.


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Jimmy Fallon’s Tribute to David Letterman

Jimmy says goodbye and thanks to Dave.


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Tom Hank Takes a Selfie With David Letterman

Tom teaches Dave how to use a selfie stick!


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Porcelli’s Pets: Aubrey

Aubrey is looking for a forever home!


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B.B. King Dies At Age 89

B.B. King, the King of the Blues.


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#TBT Stan Musial’s 3000th Hit

There it is! It’s number 3,000! Holy Cow!!