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Marty Linck


Rob Lowe Says He Encountered Bigfoot-Like Creature in Ozarks

Think Bigfoot is real? Rob Lowe is a believer.


How to Keep Your Home Safe While Away on Vacation

“The goal is to make your home look like it’s still occupied. Like somebody’s still home – somebody’s still frequenting it.”


8 Tips for Grilling the Perfect Father’s Day Steak

Get some great tips on how to grill dad the perfect steak!


Ways You’re Grilling Burgers Wrong

Grilling season is up on us, so here’s a list that might help you on the grill. It’s four ways you might be cooking burgers wrong . . .


WATCH: Middle-Schooler FREAKS When He Meets Bart Simpson

Nancy Cartwright, the voice of 10-year-old Bart Simpson on “The Simpsons,” gave an eigth-grader selling treats for school a jaw-dropping surprise during his sales pitch.


Is This Real Life? Backstreet Boys, Nelly, Chris Lane Join Florida Georgia Line Stadium Tour

Yes — you are reading that headline correctly.


Superstitious? Love the Lake of the Ozarks? Casting Calls Happening Now!

Lionsgate TV is scouring the St. Louis area for residents who are superstitious and wouldn’t mind sharing their beliefs and rituals with comedian George Lopez for a new TV series.


Bag of Chips Detects Whether You Have Been Drinking

What if a popular Super Bowl snack could also help you get home safely?


Ben & Jerry’s Reported New Flavor Sounds Delish

We all scream for ice cream, but we’ll go absolutely mad for Ben & Jerry’s upcoming bourbon-infused frozen treat.


Say Goodbye to HGTV, Food Network on Netflix

Bad news for HGTV and Food Network lovers — you won’t be able to watch “Chopped,” “Fixer Upper” or other favorites on Netflix after the end of the year.


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