Greg Hewitt


VIRAL VIDEO: Little Girl Proudly Shows Her New Prosthetic Leg To School Friends

Anu had to have her leg amputated soon after she was born

102.5 KEZK–05/12/2017

SURVEY: How Many Classic “Mom Things” Does Your Mom Do?

“Gets into never-ending conversations” HAD to be on the list…

102.5 KEZK–05/12/2017

SURVEY: 79% of Moms Use “at Least” One of These Five Phrases

Here are the five most common “mom-isms” . . .

102.5 KEZK–05/11/2017

VIRAL VIDEO: Baby Cries Because His Mom’s Singing Is So Beautiful

See if you can watch and not have the same reaction…

102.5 KEZK–05/10/2017

LIST: The 10 Most Re-Watchable Movies of All Time?

We all have certain movies we HAVE to watch

102.5 KEZK–05/10/2017

Four Men Fought Back The Floods at Eureka High School

“There was no time to really take any breaks.”

102.5 KEZK–05/09/2017

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Returns to Show With Update on His Baby

He also responded last night to everyone who criticized him

102.5 KEZK–05/09/2017

POLL: How Much Would You Have to Be Paid to Do These 5 Crazy Things?

The choices ranged from $100 all the way up to $1 million

102.5 KEZK–05/08/2017

Scuba Diver Surprised When Freighter Appears Inches Above His Head

“Close enough to touch it…”

102.5 KEZK–05/08/2017

THE METRO SHOW: Donn Sorensen of Mercy Health

Author of “Big Hearted Leadership”

102.5 KEZK–05/06/2017

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