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GREG: The Top 12 ‘Most Interesting’ Player Names In Cardinals Team History

“We’re talking the modern era here, which discounts the likes of Mordecai “Three Fingers” Barnes, Bugs Raymond and the illustrious Tuck Stainback.”

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VIRAL VIDEO: Pee Wee Football Players Stop Play To Do The ‘Whip/Nae Nae’ Dance!

Who says you can’t compete hard on the field and get your groove on at the same time?

102.5 KEZK–10/08/2015

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VIDEO: The Best Of The Cardinals Playoff ‘Tribute’ Songs Over The Years

“we’re going to start seeing these Cardinals playoff “tribute” songs popping up all over social media”.

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WATCH: As Office 12 Workers Find Out They’ve Won $60 Million Lottery

“he didn’t tell any of the others until their morning meeting the following Monday, which he showed up to in sandals and a t-shirt.”

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VIDEO: After 17 Years Of Trying, Couple Discovers They’re Having A Baby!

His reaction? Priceless

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Greg’s Return To Work Hits Roadblock As He Attempts To Walk Across Room

The use of a walker indicates the seriousness of the situation

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VIDEO: 4000 People Pull Flash-Mob Stunt In New York’s Central Park

“everyone had to sing the same note all at once, which freaked out those who didn’t know about the stunt.”

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WATCH: The Greatest Locker Room Champagne Celebration In Cardinals History

You think last night’s celebration was intense? Remember Vince Coleman in 1987!

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VIDEO: Watch Grandma Lose It When Taylor Swift Brings Mick Jagger Out On Stage

“Grandma…stop it! You’re Embarrassing me!”

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Rolling Stone’s “Top 50 Boy Band Songs Of All Time” List Sure To Provoke Debate

One thing is certain: fans of the the Beatles and One Direction won’t be pleased.

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