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What Your Ice Cream Preferences Say About Your Personality

Greg Hewitt

Mark me down as “fearless, impulsive, and young at heart” with a dose of idealism!


Baskin-Robbins just hired a “behavioral food expert” to analyze what people’s ice cream preferences say about their personalities.  And here’s what they found . . .


1.  People who eat ice cream cones are IDEALISTS.  People who get their ice cream in a bowl and cup are more rational.


2.  People who like sundaes are open, passionate, and motivated.


3.  Optimists are most likely to order cookies and cream or chocolate chip cookie dough.  Realists are more likely to get chocolate.


4.  People who eat ice cream out of the carton are resourceful, dependent, and introverted.


5.  And people who like milkshakes are fearless, impulsive, and young at heart.


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