St. Louis Baseball Fans Enjoy “Dream Date” With Jon Hamm

Greg Hewitt

St. Louis native and noted handsome actor Jon Hamm, was honored by the Cardinals Monday evening with his own “Bobblehead Night”.

All indications, mainly from certain female members of the staff here at CBS Radio St. Louis, are that the evening was a success and that the nearly sold out crowd walked away in awe of the “Mad Men” star.

Hamm, who is a serious Cardinals fan, threw out the “ceremonial first pitch” before the game.

Now, if you recall,  I was honored to throw out the “first” pitch myself a few weeks ago. (It was actually one of seven “first pitches” that night.

I wrote about the experience here.

I had a few goals as the moment approached:

1.)Throw from the top of the pitching mound (many people go about halfway)

2.) No bounces.  The pitch must be close enough to the plate so you’re not making the catcher deal with any sort of awkward short hops.

and most importantly

3.) Don’t do anything dumb.  No excessive waving to the crowd or dugouts.  No pitching from the stretch. No showboating of any kind.  Prancing and props of any kind are discouraged by the team. You don’t want to be that guy!

Sow how did Hamm stack up?

He nailed #1 and #3.

It was #2 that tripped him up.



Rookie mistake.

Granted, I wasn’t also bearing the responsibility of my own “bobblehead night”


Then again, I subtract style points from myself for that awkward hop off the mound.


But you’ve got to get the ball to the plate! NO BOUNCES is non-negotiable.

Even this guy, who’s not known for his athletic prowess managed to get it there. Yes, it took him TWO chances, but they make concessions when your a true celebrity.



Nice toss Mr. Costas!



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