Everyone Woman Ought To…


Wait for the right guy..life is too short for jerks

Know how to do all lawn work

Check her oil

Learn how to shoot a gun

Basics of sports and how to cook

Live independently!

Every woman ought to know how to change a tire, but be able to convince someone else to do it anyway😉

Get a pedicure!!

Follow their dreams!

Be able to financially support herself

How to 4 bet all in

…know how to live on their own without a relationship

Every woman sshould have female medical exams

Know everything about their financial responsibilities to prevent surprises and hurt feelings in the event of an an emergency. “Be prepared’!

Should take self defense classes

Every woman should be…..independent and not completely depend on someone!

Be confident in their abilities and self sufficient enough to maintain their own household if they so choose. Too many still believe they need someone else’s help to survive.


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