News Anchor Puts Whiny Viewers Upset With Tornado Coverage In Their Place

Greg Hewitt
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(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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Can you imagine our friend Tom O’Neil going off like this?

Actually, that would be true “Must See TV!”

I say BRAVO to Sioux Falls, South Dakota news anchor Nancy Naeve for her moxie!

It’s no secret that even during the worst severe weather emergencies, TV news departments are flooded with calls complaining about their favorite shows being preempted.

“I mean that tornado bearing down on your community isn’t going to hit MY neighborhood!  Put the game back on!”

It looks like Nancy had enough.


” I tell you what.  Quit calling and ripping Shawn (the meteorologist)  for being on the air to save people’s lives.  No show is as important as someone’s life.  You aren’t going to go on the air if it’s not important. And people just berated our station for him being on the air.  I tell you what if it was your home and your neighbors, you would feel differently. So please, please don’t do that.  That’s not nice!”


I think they made the wrong person mad.



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