Well, Here ‘Tis Again! It’s Baby Time!

steph duran

Ahhhh, Spring has returned again to these fair lands….and along with a VERY rough winter, LOTS of snow, ice, wind and  freezing rain came its counter-point:  lots of snuggling to keep warm and …. Ba-BANG!!    You’ve got yourself a PPT.   Positive Pregnancy Test.

So…you’re going to have a baby!!   Awwww….whatcha going to name the lil’  sweetest baby?  Huh?  Who’s going to get such a good name??     WHOA.  Sorry about that….whew!    I must have a little ‘baby on the brain!’  I get to meet my brand new niece next week and my new nephew….and I’m a little over-eager!!

Back to the baby names!   They always go through trends…at first, the trend was to follow whatever Royal family ran your country.  Name your children after the King, the Queen and the little Princes and Princesses….and so, for hundreds….HUNHDREDS of years…that was the trend.

Now, we have our OWN trends.  Whether it’s going with family names on both sides of you and your partner’s family, or picking first name something  trendy, fun…something you both like, middle name from the family pool and last name….or combined last name….hyphenated…or….heck, that’s YOUR battle, my friend.  I just want to hold them and babysit once in a while!  :)

Oh!!!    Here is The Official List of Popular Baby Names from The Social Security Administration   ……(sit up straight, dude!!)   😉

And….in case I forgot to say…..nice work!    Congratulations!    You’re going to have a blast!


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