Do The Songs You Remember From Childhood Influence Your Musical Tastes Today?

Greg Hewitt

This tweet from the always enjoyable, somewhat addictive website UberFacts caught my attention:


“The music a person hears in childhood may affect that person’s musical preferences as an adult”


When I read this, I immediately thought of growing up with three older siblings.

Thank goodness, all that early exposure to the Bachman Turner Overdrive hasn’t left any permanent damage.

And don’t get me started on my father’s Kenny Rogers fixation.

Whether this is quantifiable or not remains to be seen, although it does seem to make sense.

It’s also why we spend a lot of time here at Fresh 102.5 picking the music you hear on the station everyday.  We are influencing future generations with these choices!

Think about it?  What were the first songs you remember hearing as a child?

As the father of three young children, I try hard to make sure they’re being exposed to the only the best music.

But the best according to who?   Me?

Given my pedigree, that may not be in their best long-term interest.




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