I’d Like to Apologize For/To…..


I threw dirt in a girl’s face in elementary school. Sorry!

My apologies to Vic and Trish for using your text segments to try and win share tickets or backstage passes

I’m sorry that sometimes I text u for no reason. I just wanna see if u will finally tell me to shut up

I accidentally shrunk my husband’s favorite shirt and had to throw it away! He thinks he lost it to this day.

I apologize for the person that held the door for me yesterday. I walked in without saying thank you. Oops.

I told my girlfriend I liked her new haircut. I don’t. I apologize for my lie.

I borrowed and ruined my sister’s favorite shirt in high school. She still doesn’t know.

I apologize in advance for anyone that sees me today. I’m crabby.

I’m the one that spilled my best friend’s secret. She thinks it was someone else.


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