An Interactive Map Of Baseball Nation–Ooooh, It’s A Shiny Toy!!!

steph duran
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Cardinals Nation Deck Gets Sponsorship

The New York Times has a pretty big article on baseball, and where in the United States which fans of which teams live.  Some are really, REALLY obvious…  For instance, Cardinal Nation is SOLID around St Louis…and then the Royals kick in right around, wow, Kansas City.

What surprised me was the amount of  New York Yankee (pit-toee) fans.  You’ll have to excuse me…I was raised to spit whenever the Yankees (pit-toee) or the Dallas Cowboys (pit-toee) were mentioned.   You get it.

You’ll see.   You can zoom in on the entire country….you can zoom in so closely that you can pick out the zip code where you grew up and see what Top Three MLB teams are reported as favorites.

It is unreal what technology can do now!

Have fun with it…but seriously, notice the spread of the Yankee (pit-toee) fandom…..


Baseball Interactive Map of America

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