The Celeb/Person You are Strangely Attracted To……..


Our Text Topic of the Day was the Celeb/Person You Are Strangely Attracted To…Trish said Pitbull and Eminem and Vic said the girl from Arcade Fire….You, our wonderful listeners, said:

I’m 21 and strangely attracted to Betty White.


Girl crush on Kristen bell Crush on tom sellik and Sean Connery (I’m 23btw)

Will Ferrell


Wrinkly old Kevin Bacon….mmm baby!

I am attracted to three people in my life 1 my husband 2 one of our best friends husband 3 finally Richard Gere Lisa 52

Hello Vic and Trish, Strangely attractive…..Roseanne Barr. Odd I know. Driver Joe
Annoying kid in my class.

my husbands best friend

Jonah Hill. He’s just so funny!!!!!

I am strangely attracted to girlfriend, her pregnant sister, and my buddies wife.

Hello my loves! Gay men. Ugh!

Since I was a young man, it has been…..Morticia Addams

Sue’s voice

Jim Beaver from Supernatural. Love chunky guys with beards. Mari

Strangely attracted to Amanda Freitag from Food Network.

Jimmy buffet

Jillian michaels. Hands down.

Trish Gazall is mine!

Conan O’Brian and Michael Fasabender

Jackie Chan

Jase Robertson……Duck Dynasty

Steve Carrell

Dan Akroyd & Tommy Lee Jones .

I am strangely attracted to large men. I go to the Rams game and while everyone else is eyeballing the quarterback, I am all about the lineman. Chris Long does it for me!


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