Conspiracy Theory About The Malaysian Airliner..That Makes Total SENSE

steph duran

So, it is hard to believe, but this Malaysian Airlines nightmare has been going on since March EIGHTH. I know….right?  And, the ‘officials’ are no closer to finding anything now than they were when they started…no matter what they say on the nighttime news.  At least, as far as I’m concerned….and a bunch of U.S. military sources…and of course, every conspiracy theorist in the known world.  So many things in this story…in this awful tragedy just don’t line up right.

Keep in mind, Flight 370 went wrong 1 HOUR into its flight plan.  Just one hour.   The plane made a wicked U-turn, then was seen….by actual credible people, flying really, really, extremely low over the Maldives.

Then…it just…disappeared.  The going theory now, of course, is that the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean about 1,500 miles west of Perth, Australia.  Several different countries’ have ocean vessels dragging sonar equipment listening for the **ping** of the black box, but again, nothing so far.  No wreckage, no floating pieces….just…gone.

That’s why…this piece is so interesting.  Give it a watch.


Malaysian Air Flight 370




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