It’s Palindrome Week! Did You Know? Wow!

steph duran
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With all the craziness going on this week…I’m talking about everything …EVERYTHING from the first of four BLOOD MOONS (read that in a Very Dramatic Voice, please!), to the St. Louis Blues beginning their playoff run to TAX DAY  (dramatic UH-OH music in the background!)  I didn’t even catch this until today…..all of this week…from Monday through until Friday…every day, that is, every date, is a palindrome!

A palindrome, of course, is where the word….or the phrase….or the numerical sequence is the same forwards AND backwards.

For instance:   Mom, is a palindrome.  For a phrase (pardon the tiny little spicy language, but, it’s SO worth it!), “Dammit I’m mad” is a palindrome!  That’s a cool one, right?

So, that brings us to this week.

Notice the dates.  Same forwards AND backwards….









HOW DO IT KNOW?!?!??   I know, I know….it’s just a calendar thing.  Still, pretty cool, yeah?     Have a great rest of your week!

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