(VIRAL) World’s Toughest Job Video Hits Home

Greg Hewitt
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AFP PHOTO / WANG ZHAO        (Photo credit ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

AFP PHOTO / WANG ZHAO (Photo credit ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? A: I have to say, not...
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Yes, before we get started, I realize it’s an ad!

Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston, posted a fake “Director of Operations” ad online and in newspapers. Seeing as how difficult the job market is these days, the ad got 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placement.

So how many people do you think responded to it?


Each of those people then sat down to interview for the job and all were shocked at what was required of them: no sitting, no vacations, no guaranteed sleep and zero money.

“It requires more than 135 hours per week, constant mobility, keen coordination and adept communication. There are no breaks, no holidays off, and there is no pay.

The interviewees seem amazed that such a job exists when they’re informed that “billions do this each and every day.”

So much more than any Director of Operations.

Here’s to the Mom in your life.






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