The Blood Moon…It’s Here! Best Pictures Inside–

steph duran

So, if you tried, like I tried, really…REALLY hard…to wait up and see the full moon go eclipse into a dusky full red around 3 am and just. couldn’t. do. it.   thank goodness there are night hawk photographers!

Apparently, the only place the eclipse was a total bust was in Atlanta, where their weather was a total washout.

Otherwise, in The United States, we all had a pretty good view.

If you didn’t see it…or like me, really tried and totally fell asleep on the couch….   :(    there are going to be FOUR full blood moons in the next year-and-a-half, along with SIX regular full moons.  It’s called  a Tetrad.   If you haven’t already, you’ll start hearing some serious amounts of biblical-type End of Days heralding because of these Blood Moons…so either enjoy that, take it with a grain of sand…or get ready.  Depending on how you feel…

In the meantime….let’s all OOOOOOH and AAAHHHHHHH over some great shots of this, the first Blood Moon.

Click here for PHOTOS!



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