Hey, Should We Be Worried About These Herds Of Animals Fleeing Yellowstone??

steph duran

When I first saw reports of animals, of ALL kinds, taking off from Yellowstone National Park this week, I knew it was because they had had a small earthquake.  I just figured the animals were unsettled and needed to stretch out.  Or something.

Then more animals started leaving.

And more.

THEN the reports started to seem too exaggerated to be true.  Where were these reports coming from, I wondered?  Someplace like ‘Bob’s OK End Of The World.com?’     IS it being exaggerated?  Is it being pumped up as ….I don’t know, some cults plan of action??

As it turns out…reports are accurate.  Which, for me, is even MORE scary!!

There are videos and stories floating around all over…so I found a source that had it all in one spot.

Before you read and watch….take a deep breath, and remember…nothing has happened!! (yet.)   Animals just be wanderin’!!


UH-OH.  Hey…who told the Bison…& the Deer…& those Elk…& all these Squirrels it was moving day??



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