I’ll Take ‘Business Attire From Sweatshops’ For $400, Alex…

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Ken Jennings Crush Jeopardy's Winnings Record

I’m not a huge ‘Jeopardy’ fan…once in a while it makes me feel really stupid and, honestly, after a long day…who needs that on top of everything else?

Think about the player introductions at the start of the show.  You know how they are ALWAYS at least a tiny bit awkward?

THIS one takes every single awkward stumble, mispronounced name, forgetting the name of your town and/or forgetting the part where you say you have “__ adorable children”…it takes ALL those and leaves them in the dust.  Forever.  Seriously.  Nothing will ever top this.

The explanation comes from buzzfeed and the entire awkward, approaching INSULTING exchange is included.

Let me say a couple of things…

1.)  Alex Trebek can keep his cool like nobody’s business

2.) I’m shocked……SHOCKED, I tell you, that this guy’s buzzer even worked!!!


How NOT to get off to a great start on ‘Jeopardy’

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