(VIDEO): Crocodile Attacks Video Camera, Cameraman Takes Extended Leave Of Absence

Greg Hewitt

Well, I’m assuming he did anyway.  I know I would have.

So terrifying, yet oddly mesmerizing.  That pretty much sums up our relationship with the American Crocodile.

Well that and a lot of high pitched squealing.

A volunteer at an Everglades animal rescue center was just trying to get underwater footage of, what looks to be a very hungry crocodile, when his camera became lunch.

As soon as the camera touched the water near him, he went berserk as you can see,” Chris Madden, a volunteer at the Everglades Outpost Wildlife Rescue, told WTSP. “As soon as anything touches the water, he is in and looking to do some damage.”

“Looking to do some damage”.  That’s a quaint way to put it.

The crocodile’s name?


Why, yes he is…



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