(VIDEO) A “Routine” City Council Meeting You Have To See To Believe

Greg Hewitt
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(Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
Q: What do you enjoy most about your job? A: I have to say, not...
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How I manage to stumble across stories like this, in the course of my daily show prep, is beyond me.  It’s a gift I suppose.

Before you watch, the answer is…YES.

The man who instigates the brawl does have a HOOK!

What would be an appropriate headline for an episode like this?

“Captain Hook Takes No Prisoners At City Council Meeting”

“City Council Calmly Debates “No Shoes” Ordinance”

“The World As We Know It Has Ended”

The possibilities are endless.

On the bright side, at least everyone kept their dignity.

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