Supermarket Mind Control? Believe It, Baby!!

steph duran

We all know the trick supermarkets use about milk, right?  It’s impossible to just run in and grab a gallon of milk!  Why?  Say it with me:  All the dairy is ALWAYS against the far back wall—     right!   Exactly!

There’s also some others we’ve all known about…like the placing of candy at the check-out.  The placing of kids’ toys and stuff and kids’ eye level, so THEY see it and start the ‘ol “But Mooooommmaa…ppllllleeeeeeeeeaaassssee!!!!!!!” at top volume routine.  Ugh.

I guess I didn’t realize how truly deep and devious the supermarkets are about this stuff.  They are Serious.  I guess they need to be…it IS their business, after all…and they’re in it to make money.  But, jeez, some of these tactics are…well, kinda smarmy.  And now that I’ve read over this list, I know exactly which supermarkets I’ve seen use these examples here in St Louis…hmmm.

So sit back and be ready to shout, “no WAY!!” along with me….won’t you?  :)     Here’s the list of “21 Ways Supermarkets Control Your Mind” off of buzzfeed.

Fun!!     Mind Control!


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