Here Is The EASIEST Way To Find The Cheapest Gas In Your Zip Code

steph duran

There is now a site, or an app, if you want to put it on your smartphone, that can not only show you the cheapest gas in town…but it can go, oh, ’bout 4 or 5 better than that.

The site is and it uses data from the old gasbuddy site…. You enter in the zip code in which you need to get gas.  Say you work in downtown St Louis and need to get gas on your way home (just like I do, today…oh joy!).  Then you put in 63103.  It gives you the cheapest gas in the zip code.  Not only that, but it shows you prices at individual stations…then you can even get directions to that station! ALSO predicts whether gas will go up or down in price tomorrow.  That way…if you can, maybe you can wait and get gas tomorrow and it’ll be less expensive.

Have a blast getting to know it…and enjoy saving the bucks!


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