A Cup Stacking Career Begins Tonight!

Greg Hewitt
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(Courtesy of Greg Hewitt/CBS Radio St. Louis)

(Courtesy of Greg Hewitt/CBS Radio St. Louis)

(Credit: Emily Lucarz Photography) Greg Hewitt
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It’s a big night for my crew at home.  Specifically my oldest son who is 8.

Tonight marks his very first cup stacking tournament, an event that has taken on Super Bowl like proportions around our house.

It’s funny how kids find these things out of the blue.  One day he comes home from school, announces that he has entered a cup stacking tournament on his own and proceeds to tell us that we need to find officially sanctioned stacking cups before he can begin his practice regiment!

And by officially sanctioned, he means by the World Sports Stacking Association or WSSA.

No, I’m not kidding.  There is such an organization and they seem to have their act together.

BTW, I found the only place in town that sells these cups is Johnny Mac’s Sporting Goods on Watson Road in Crestwood.

(Here’s  a tip, get the “officially sanctioned” pad and timer.  Trust me on this.  It helps dull the noise when your stacker is up bright and early on a Saturday morning to practice their “down-stacking”.)

We watch this “stacker” like one watches Michael Jordan in his NBA prime.

Good luck buddy!

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