Headmaster of Private North Carolina School Raps School Closing! Bonus: Does It Really Well!!

steph duran

Bonus Bonus:   Was my High School HUGE Crush!

Totally true!   You guys know I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Went to high school at the Albuquerque Academy, a private, non-denominational, college-prep school…expensive, too.  I was there on full scholarship….I was like Molly Ringwald in ‘Pretty in Pink’…!  The Academy is comparable to…say…MICDS here in St Louis.  Great school.

I had the biggest crush on a guy named Mike Steiner.  We were in the same class….same group of friends.  He was this amazing brain, though.  WOW, was he smart!!! (still is to this day, as you’ll see…)  Fantastic athlete, graceful, generous, patient with the younger or slower kids, a total gentleman and was beyond gorgeous..  See?  Like I said….I had an enormous crush on Mike Steiner.

After graduation, life, as we all know, goes on.  Mike went into education and is extremely well suited to it!  He’s now the Head of School of well-known Durham Academy in North Carolina.   N.C. is getting just battered by a winter storm, so there are school closings.  Mike and his assistant announced to the school and now, the whole world, their school closing in a very creative way.  SO like the Mike Steiner that I once knew…. :)

No School–There’s Ice, Ice, Baby…


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